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Rebecca Ferguson Refuses To Work With Co-Star Who Screamed At Her ?

Rebecca Ferguson

Actress Rebecca Ferguson said she once refused to work with a colleague who was yelling and crying at her on set. The Swedish star admitted on the Reign podcast with Josh Smith that he once “worked with an actor who was a complete idiot.” She said she learned to stand up for himself after his co-stars made fun of him and eventually asked him to ignore it in the series.

Ferguson did not reveal her identity or her husband. The Dune Part 2 actor said the other cast members were “insecure and angry that this guy couldn’t do that scene” and “he looked at me in front of the whole crew and said, ‘Hey, I want to do this. ‘Are you an actor? What am I supposed to do?’ She added that she was “shocked” and “empowered” by the attack. In the end, Ferguson said he justified their actions.

“Because this person was in the first place, I didn’t have insurance, so no one helped me,” she says. She told the men to “finish their glasses” and said, “I’m playing tennis.” ‘I never want to see you again.’ When producers told his co-stars to leave the set “because they won first place,” Ferguson asked his friends to play behind his head.

Former Co-Stars Gush About Rebecca Ferguson, Deny They Screamed at ‘Dune 2’ Actress?

Actress Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson showed his support for Rebecca Ferguson on Wednesday by sharing a shocking story about his unnamed co-star. However, he also rejected some claims that he could be the villain of the story.

The Dune 2 star shared a story from the episode “The Power” with Josh Smith, saying she had to tell her co-stars to “stop” when they yelled at her on set. Johnson responded to Story X in response to a video interview. “I love watching him fight that shit, but I hate watching him.” Rebecca is an angel sent from heaven to our earth,” Johnson wrote in Post X. “I love this woman. “I want to know who did this.”


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