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Rain-Triggered Flash Floods Disrupt Dubai Airport Operations in UAE?


Heavy rains in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Wednesday claimed one life, damaged homes and businesses, and closed Dubai Airport. According to the UAE National Meteorological Agency, 254 mm of rain fell in Al Ain on Tuesday. The records began in 1949, even before the establishment of the country (1971).

Despite late rain on Tuesday, the thickness continued on Wednesday, forcing Emirates Airlines to suspend passenger screening at Dubai Airport at midnight. Dubai International Airport, one of the world’s largest airports, said its aircraft fleet faced significant disruption as flights were delayed or diverted due to heavy rain.

Passengers departing from Dubai are advised to check the flight status of their flight at the airport. “Under exceptional circumstances, we intend to resume operations as soon as possible,” the airport wrote in a letter to AX.

Emirates said it would continue to serve existing passengers, but departures and arrivals were reportedly delayed. The Dubai Airport website says some arrivals and departures were delayed by an hour. Air Arabia said in a statement that flights to the UAE and the region were canceled or delayed due to bad weather. Passengers are advised to visit the website or call the call center for up-to-date information.

UAE witnesses record-breaking rains, highest in 75 years?

From Monday to Tuesday afternoon, the UAE recorded the heaviest rainfall in 75 years since 1949.

The Met Office recorded the heaviest rainfall in 24 hours at Hatim Al Shakla in Al Ain. Shuwaib Station received 287.6 mm on April 9, 2016, according to the Met Center. The weather posed some management challenges, but authorities and residents made sure everyone was safe.

The country confirmed that the amount of rainfall in the past 24 hours to 21:00 on Tuesday, March 16, was unprecedented in the UAE’s weather history, adding that it was beginning to record weather reports and that it was expected to increase. lots more rain. It will be recorded over the next few hours.

BREAKING Emirates is suspending check-in for passengers departing Dubai until midnight?

Due to weather conditions and routing issues, Emirates will suspend passenger screening at Dubai International Airport on April 17 from 8am to midnight.

Emirates only opens at midnight for cargo passengers. Passengers departing from Dubai will not be accepted by international airlines as the UAE. Faces the impact of strong winds in the Persian Gulf.

Due to unusual weather, Dubai Airports in the United Arab Emirates is requesting travelers to delay their check-in until absolutely essential.
Passengers who already pass through Dubai continue to fly.

Flooding in Dubai: Strong storm batters United Arab Emirates, causing aircraft to be diverted?

Dubai Airport said operations were “temporarily suspended”. At least 18 people have died in the floods, according to Omani authorities. Many states received nearly a year’s worth of rain in one day. Unverified footage from Dubai International Airport shows planes following the waves as they fly over flooded streets.

The airport’s statement said the flight, which arrived on Tuesday evening. Was, diverted “due to the current unusual weather conditions in the UAE”. This trend is expected to continue. Two hours later, the flight was resumed. The UAE Meteorological Department issued a weather advisory for important locations, including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah, on Tuesday morning in the area of the sea.



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