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Source: Packers to sign Josh Jacobs, release Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones

The backfield for the Green Bay Packers has been completely transformed. The organization let go of veteran running back Aaron Jones shortly after reaching a deal with Josh Jacobs, a former Raider running back. In addition to Jacobs’ arrival, Jones’ contract negotiations with the Packers failed down, which is why they are cutting their connections. Jones was scheduled to receive $12 million this season and was approaching the last year of his deal in 2024.

Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst posted a statement on the team’s website on Monday that said, “We would like to acknowledge Aaron Jones and his unwavering dedication towards the Packers & the neighborhood over the last 7 season.”

“It is undoubtedly one of the most difficult choices we have faced during my tenure with the Packers, and it is not one that is made lightly. In addition to making a big difference on the field and in the locker room, he is also highly regarded in the community. Going forward, we hope for nothing but the best for Aaron Jones and his whole family.”

The 29-year-old had been a member of the Packers’ team his entire career.

From UTEP, he was selected by the team in the fifth round of the 2017. NFL Draft and went on to become one of the league’s most versatile backs. He was a 2020 Pro Bowl selection and co-leader in the number of rushing touchdowns (16) in the 2019 season.

“Today is not going well for our community or the Packers.” Aaron Jones is an even greater guy off the field than he is a player. According to head coach Matt LaFleur of the Packers. Who made the announcement on the team’s website on Monday. He was crucial in creating our winning culture when I became the Green Bay Packers’ first head coach. And he was always the best representation of what it meant to be a Packer. One of the best athletes I ever had the chance to coach was Aaron Jones, and he will always be. He will be missed, as will his mother Vurgess, son Junior, and extended family.”

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