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OpenAI Sora: Unlocking Creativity

OpenAI Sora

OpenAI chatbots have already proven their ability to pass the bar exam without attending law school. Now, just in time for the Oscars, a new OpenEye program called Sora aims to manage the cinema without going to film school. However, as a research product, Sora contacted many developers and experts to fix the bugs. OpenAI Sora was intended to be open to all interested authors but has decided to revise it. From giants like Google to startups like Runway, they’ve launched work-to-video AI projects. But OpenAI Sora is said to stand out with its incredible photo-realism and  something.

I have never seen in its competitors and its ability to create videos that are usually up to a minute longer than other models. The researchers I spoke to didn’t say how long the entire video ran, but when it was uploaded. They described it as more like a “burrito rollout” than a “holiday party. If my practical example is to be believed, then this effort was not in vain.

“Sora is capable of creating complex scenes with multiple characters, all types of movement, and precise objects and information,” Microsoft said.

“The model understands not only what the user is asking for, but also how the object exists in the physical world.”

OpenEye CEO Sam Altman invites users to find Sora’s “X”, including real videos of two Golden Retrievers on a mountain in a podcast, a grandmother doing the paw gnocchi, and marine animals on a bicycle race.


Sora demonstrated his ability to translate long questions, including a 135-word example. A prototype released by OpenEye on Thursday shows that Sora can create different characters and scenes. These include people, animals, wild animals, cities, and landscapes.

Zen gardens and underwater scenes. New York.



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