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NCAA launches ‘Change’ campaign with 30-second video during March Madness


The new 30-second film “Change,” which highlights significant improvements being implemented by the Association, was just released by the NCAA. Starting on Selection Sunday, the advertisement will air on television and in physical locations during the Division I Men’s and Women’s Basketball Championships. The film “Change” showcases the revolutionary efforts the Association is implementing to provide student-athletes with additional perks. As mandated by the NCAA, all Division I universities must offer mental health support services, greater access to healthcare, tutoring help, and guaranteed scholarships. Meanwhile, to better assist student-athletes who make money off of their name, reputation, and image, the NCAA is proposing new bylaws.

Fresh advantages

The Division I student-athletes physical, emotional, and academic well-being are to receive more assistance, per NCAA rule, as of August 1. Additionally, it approved new Mental Health Best Practices that all participants must abide by. The best practices cover the latest findings about issues related to name, image, and likeness, social media, sports corruption, mental health and sports betting, and suicide. In addition, starting in August, the NCAA will grant student-athletes in all three divisions access to post-eligibility insurance to cover accidents sustained while representing their university. After student-athletes conclude their time as collegiate athletes, the coverage will last for two years.

March Madness rates of graduation

The graduation rate of NCAA student-athletes is at an all-time high. Teams who are competing in the Division I Men’s and Women’s Basketball Championships this year have a combined four-cohort average Graduation Success Rate of 90%, putting their academic achievement on full display this month. The average score for the men’s teams was 84%, while the average for the women’s teams was 96%.

A change is being made to better assist student-athletes. Additionally, the NCAA is working on suggestions to update Division I, such as splitting schools with more resources into their division and allowing members greater freedom when it comes to NIL agreements and educational advantages for student-athletes.

With effect from August 1, the NCAA approved Division I student-athlete NIL safeguards, which include required disclosures, standardized contracts, extensive education, and optional registration. The NCAA has teamed with industry professionals to minimize harassment on social media, maintain competition integrity, and educate student-athletes about the dangers of sports betting. To emphasize student-athlete education on the consequences of sports betting, the Association initiated the Draw the Line campaign earlier this week. Over the course of the upcoming year, the “Change” commercial will continue to run during broadcasts, NCAA finals, and on social media sites run by the NCAA.

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