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Michigan primary 2024: track live results?

Michigan primary 2024

Both Democrats and Republicans headed to the polls in the Michigan primary 2024 last Tuesday. These significant changes will make the state election a test for both front-runners Joe Biden and Donald Trump. But a special Republican convention on Saturday will determine the final number of Republican delegates. Below are the results of the Michigan primary 2024 held on February 27.

Donald Trump

The former US President’s campaign to regain the White House. The re-nominate party got off to a slow and rough start. But after big victories in Iowa and New Hampshire, his campaign slowly began to inch its way back to power.

Trump has refused to participate in any Republican debates and has run an admirably organized campaign, using court appearances and numerous legal challenges as a rallying cry for his position. His harsh comments, particularly regarding his second term plans and targeting of political enemies, have raised widespread concerns that his candidacy threatens American democracy.

The political style he used in the campaign did not change compared to the 2016 and 2020 elections. In any case, it is more extreme. Many see his political and legal fortunes as stalled, and see a return to the Oval Office as Trump’s best chance to get out of legal trouble.

Nikki Haley

Former Governor of South Carolina and Secretary of State for the United Nations in the Trump administration. Some of that paid off, as Haley excelled in the debate, even besting her opponent and finishing second in the GOP race. But after heavy losses in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, Haley’s chances dwindled.

Ryan Binkley

Binkley, a Texas businessman, is now illiterate but still on the ballot. Binkley is a longtime candidate and pastor of Establishment Church. Trump, who describes himself as a far-right fiscal conservative, criticized Democrats and Republicans for failing to balance the federal budget, and said he would focus on health care spending, immigration reform and national civil society.

CBS News reports that Trump will win the Michigan primary 2024 and that Biden will win the Democratic primary?

CBS News reports that former President Donald Trump will win Michigan’s Republican primary, while President Biden will win the Democratic primary. After 62 percent of the votes were counted, Trump received a UN mandate. After winning her home state of South Carolina, Haley pledged to run in the race before Super Tuesday on March 5.

The Democratic side won 85 percent of the votes, and Biden got 81 percent. Although he had no opponents, Arab and Muslim Americans made an effort to vote “busy” in the primaries to oppose his policies toward Israel. After obtaining 85 percent of the votes, the 100,000 “optional” mark was crossed with a majority of 101,050 votes, or 13 percent. If “Unaffiliated” receives more than 15% of the votes, delegates not affiliated with any candidate may attend the convention.


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