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Machine Gun Kelly Debuts Massive Blackout Tattoo ‘For Spiritual Purposes Only’?

Machine Gun Kelly

The Machine Gun Kelly tattoo collection is growing. The “Bloody Valentine” singer took to Instagram on Tuesday, February 20 to show off a newly inked black tattoo covering her chest and arm. The black dot on his chest represents the cross and the hand of death on his chest. You can still see the old ink on his stomach, along with the “fruit” picture and the “I want to change” tattoo. “For spiritual purposes only,” he captioned the photo, referring to tattoo artist Rocks. See the article here.

Last year, MGK shared a photo on Instagram of her 13-year-old daughter Casey Colson Baker. Who was helping her father with his tattoo collection, wearing a tattooed gun and wearing a black surgical gown. right hand finger. “My daughter says summer vacation gives her a great vacation.” He wrote of a vacation in Clisson, France, where he spotted the father and son posing shirtless outside a restaurant. -Dolce & Gabbana is filming the rapper lying behind the car. MGK Casieta meets Emma Cannon’s ex. The teenager appeared on her Mainstream Sellout 2022 album with Kelly’s boyfriend Pete Davidson at the Los Angeles celebration Wall of Fame.

See how Machine Gun Kelly’s tattoo changes when covered with black ink?

The “My Best Friend” rapper – real name Colson Baker – nails the new look, using clear black ink to cover most of the tattoos on his chest and arms. In this photo shared on Instagram on February 20. MGK is wearing a shirt and pants to show off the transformation. He shows off his arms and deep red chest, which are bright with many bruises. “For spiritual purposes only,” actor del Toro captioned the photo.

While Machine Gun Kelly still has his old tattoos. One that says “local only” and another of a man holding a sign that says “I’m moving.” The change took a lot of work. In fact, the 33-year-old, whose 14-year-old daughter Casey Colson Baker is dating ex Emma Cannon, said in an Instagram story on Feb. 19 that the photo required “44 stitches.



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