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Lee Sang Yeob’s Wedding, Why Some Fans Feel Betrayed?

Lee Sang Yeob Wedding

On March 24, the actor married his longtime girlfriend at a wedding hall in Jamsil, Seoul. To protect the privacy of the non-celebrity bride, family members and close friends attended the ceremony. Last year, Lee Sang Yeob -yub’s agency UB Management announced that the actor had decided to get married next year, causing great excitement among fans.

The agency said about his hated daughter, “Lee Sang Yeob met a special person that he decided to spend the rest of his life with. This is important.” The actress also said from the heart, “I can’t wait to be a woman like Gaijin (her name in the drama). I woke up one day and set a wedding day. I did it and ‘Yes, it makes sense to join in. It feels natural.’ ”

On that day, many photos and videos appeared of the newlyweds showing the glow of their marriage with Lee Sang Obob, with fans sharing a lot of love and blessings. As mentioned earlier, Yoo Jae Suk, the famous star of Lee Sang-eob’s reality series The Sixth Sense, had a big event that day. The concert ended with a beautiful performance by Melomans and violinist Daniko.

Sixth Sense’ Star Lee Sang-yeob Ties The Knot With His Non-Celebrity Girlfriend In An Intimate Wedding Ceremony?

Lee Sang-yeob, known for his roles in many Korean dramas and celebrities, has opened a new chapter in his life. On March 24, the man shared his vows with his longtime girlfriend at the wedding hall in Jamsil, Seoul. Only relatives and close friends attended the ceremony, while respecting the bride’s privacy. Last year, the UB Management agency announced, to the delight and joy of fans, that they will get married in March 2024. When asked about the story of the girl, The agency said, “Lee Sang Oppo met a special person and decided to spend the rest of his life with him. This is important.”

The prince also spoke happily about his marriage. He declared, “I am eager to meet a woman who embodies Gyu Jin’s (her name is ‘Toe’). I woke up one day and looked for a wedding venue. Thus, we completed it jointly.”High caliber It seems right.” As mentioned earlier, Lee Sang-yub’s co-star in the reality series The Sixth Sense, was a glorious show of the happy event. In addition, Melomans and the talented violinist Daneko provided the best entertainment at the event. On this special day, fans took to social media to express their love and blessings to the couple after the wedding photos were released. by Lee Sang Ubu.

More about Lee Sang Yeob?

Lee Sang-yub has been working in Korean movies and television for over ten years. During this time, he made a name for himself with his unparalleled performances in many popular dramas. He appeared in the MBC drama Love Don’t Punish for the first time (2013-2014).

He continued to surprise the audience with dramas like Signal (2016), Innocent Man (2012), Top Star U-Back (2018-190), Love Lesson (2016), Jab Aap So Ahe He (2017) ), In love. to deceive. The years 2013–2014–2015–2016–2017–2018–2019 -. , My Beloved Boxer (2023) and others. He also appeared in the TVN reality shows Ono Sense (2022) and Trans-Siberian Pathfinders (2019). Congratulations and all the best for a happy marriage to Lee Sang.


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