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“Jimmy Fallon Breaks Silence on Viral Nicole Kidman Interview”?

Nicole Kidman

Jimmy Fallon has spoken out about the fallout from his infamous interview with Nicole Kidman. On his podcast, Date spoke openly about the misunderstanding between the two stars, referencing a 2015 conversation between the host and actor Paddington on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Fallon said they went on a date once and it left her completely “depressed.”

“Nicole Kidman totally surprised me on my show. We had come to discuss one of her films or a project for which she was likely to get an award. She was so sweet and looked great, we talked and she said: ‘Did I? You. Him?’ Did you know we were dating?” said. Fallon recalled feeling embarrassed and continued: “And I was like, ‘Am I sorry?’ I said. He continues, “Do you remember how much I loved you and came to your apartment?” “It was so embarrassing.”

Speaking in subsequent interviews, the host mentioned Kidman’s husband Keith Urban, calling him “an amazing athlete.” The conversation between them turned into an inside joke.

Has Jimmy Fallon revealed the truth about his romantic relationship with Nicole Kidman?

Nicole Kidman revealed in an interview with Jimmy Fallon in 2015 that she was once in love with him. Jimmy Fallon was completely unaware of Nicole Kidman when it was revealed that he was in a relationship with her in 2015.

In a recent podcast with Date, the 49-year-old comedian and TV host talked about the now-rare moment. “Nicole Kidman really surprised me on my show,” Fallon admitted. We had gathered to talk about one of his movies or a project for which he would probably win an award. Fallon admitted, “‘Did you know we were in love?'”

However, Fallon was not aware of this statement at all. He recalled saying, “‘Am I sorry?'” It says: Do you remember how much I loved you and came to your apartment? “It was so embarrassing.”

Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman first? Did Fallon open the viral ‘Tonight Show’ segment?

On the Date podcast, the actor said they went on a date once and he completely “surprised” Fallon. “Nicole Kidman was very curious about my show,” he stated. “We had come to discuss one of her films or an upcoming prize she would be receiving. She was older and looked good, and we were talking and she said: ‘Did you know we were in love?’ Fallon recalls being confused by his response: “And I say, ‘I’m sorry.'” And he says: “Do you remember how much I loved you and came to your apartment?” “It was really embarrassing.”

Kidman admitted that she was interested in Fallon at the time and went to her apartment for what she thought was a casual date. In a previous interview in 2015, he admitted: “I remember loving it. She referred to her current husband, rapper Keith Urban, stating, “Not now, I’m married now.”

Did Jimmy Fallon reveal that Nicole Kidman “ignored” him when they announced their failed romance?

Not many people have moved on from Jimmy Fallon, but Nicole Kidman did when she appeared on his show in 2015. “Nicole Kidman was very upset about my show,” Fallon, 49, recalled in an interview with Deadline on Thursday, April 25. She looked so gorgeous when we talked and then I asked her, “Did you know we were dating?” said. Do you remember how I fell in love with you and came to your apartment?

Fallon, the host of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon since 2014, became so emotional that he said his face “melted. He said: “It was really embarrassing.” Some gorgeous celebrity couples over the years In January 2015, Fallon said he met Kidman, 56. After, taking a friend to her house on a whim. “I was walking down the street in New York and my friend Rick called me and said, ‘Dude, what are you doing?’ said. I have Nicole Kidman and she wants to meet you, can we be on Bewitched or something, I can be too. Fallon said to the actor who was a guest on the program, “At your apartment in 10 minutes.”




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