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Jihyo and Yun Sungbin of TWICE dated for a year; report


On March 25, it was announced that Jihyo of TWICE and sportsman Yun Sung Bin were dating. Regarding the relationship rumors, their companies replied. What they said is as follows. Jihyo of TWICE and Yung Sung Bin were allegedly romantically involved. It appears from the story that the couple has been dating for a whole year. Regarding the relationship allegations, their agencies issued responses. The frontman of the K-pop supergroup TWICE, which is well-known for hits like Alcohol-Free and Cheer Up, is Jihyo. Yung Sung Bin was a skeleton athlete in the past. Their agencies said the following: On February 23, 2024, TWICE released their 13th mini album With YOU-th along with the pre-release single I GOT YOU.

With the release of the lead song Set Me Free and the English single Moonlight Sunrise, this was their first return since the release of the EP Ready to Be. Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu make up the nine-person group. Jihyo’s connection with former Wanna One member Kang Daniel was previously confirmed. In August 2019, Jihyo and Kang Daniel announced their relationship to the world. November 2020, a few months later, saw JYP Entertainment officially announce their breakup. The celebs reportedly broke up because their schedules did not align and they were preoccupied with work.

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