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SC Health System Invests $40M in Epic EHR Platform for Interoperability

Epic EHR

The adoption of the Epic EHR is expected to improve connectivity throughout the healthcare system by making it easier for physicians to obtain patient data for coordination of care. 26 February 2024 – To improve health data interoperability, Tidelands Health, an associate of The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Health, is replacing several health IT systems with an Epic EHR.

The health system’s four hospitals

and more than sixty outpatient facilities will all benefit from the $40 million health IT investment in better care coordination. The Tidelands Health Epic EHR will interface with the MUSC Health Epic system as an affiliate of MUSC Health, giving patients and doctors a comprehensive picture of patient care throughout both companies.

“The integration of Epic is a game-changer for our team members, patients, providers, and health system,” stated in a news statement Gayle Resetar, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Tidelands Health.

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  • Through the implementation, patients will be able to examine their medical data, make appointments, and pay their bills online through the Epic MyChart patient portal.

“Epic makes the single patient record a reality at Tidelands Health,” Resetar stated. But this goes beyond simply setting up new technologies. It’s leveraging Epic’s industry-leading platform to introduce more effective procedures. That capitalize on the already excellent care we offer to improve our patients’ overall experience.

The switch to Epic is scheduled for March 2, 2024. Chief physician executive and executive vice president of Tidelands Health Phil Dulberger, MD, stated. “This will truly transform the delivery of health care in our region.” “During the comprehensive build and launch management, our doctors & leadership looked through the lens of the people we serve as we made significant choices in customizing the platform to our neighborhood’s needs,” Dulberger said. “The outcome will be a better visit for our customers.”

Epic Epic EHR System is adopted by Primary Care Practice.

According to reports from Providence Business News, Coastal Medical, an entity of Lifespan Corp.  Located in Rhode Island, has switched to Lifespan’s Epic EHR and patient portal using Epic software. Patients will be able to access their health information from Lifespan primary care facilities. Hospitals, specialists, labs, and imaging through a single patient portal thanks to the new platform.

In addition, patients will get simplified portal alerts for Lifespan test results in addition. To other features like online scheduling, appointment waitlists. And video visitation for specific types of appointments. The president of Coastal Medical, Ed McGookin, stated in a public statement that.  The Coast Hospital’s acceptance of Lifespan’s Epic EHR is cause for great excitement. Because it allows for one patient record to be shared by all Lifetime organizations. “This move will help boost consistency of care, improve patient safety, and improve efficiency in operations – which is beneficial for both our clients and our staff members.”


Benefis Health System, situated in Montana, is putting an Epic EHR system. Into place to enhance patient care and expedite processes. “We will be able to combine onto one platform thanks to Epic,” a press statement from Forrest Ehlinger. Vice president of system business operations at Benefis Health, stated.

For care coordination, providers will have access to longitudinal health records through the unified platform. Patients will also get access to all of their medical records through a single patient portal. They’re going have the ability to see the outcomes of their tests in the lab. See the notes from their suppliers, connect with their providers, as well as do things like arrange. Their appointments or pay their bills online, Ehlinger added.

Ehlinger pointed out that improving health data security is another goal of the Epic installation. “We possess their cyber operations, and we believe we’ve chosen an excellent collaborator who is going to keep our medical information for patients secure,” stated Ehlinger.

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