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Gigi Hadid Replaced Her Adidas Gazelles with Her Sambas?

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid says it’s time to wear the Adidas Sambas: This spring we’ll be wearing the Adidas Gazelles! Now the fashionable model has transferred the apartment to her closest sister, Gazelle, in New York, and now we are ready to follow suit.

Style icons like Kendall Jenner, Hadid’s sister Bella and many others have been clicking shoes in the Samba fashion factory forever. However, the Gazelli have made a comeback in recent months, with Hadid becoming the latest celebrity to wear the pair. Her bright red leggings with black leggings and white socks, an oversized white jacket, a white baseball cap, leather gloves, sunglasses and a cute purse from Whole Foods wouldn’t be the right outfit for work, especially with the boots. A red dress? We know Hadid loves a chic fit based on red leggings and styling moments, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see her wearing red shoes instead of white or black.

Hadid is a star living like a vulture these days. Emma Watson is a fan, she wore a pair to Milan Fashion Week and Jennifer Lawrence loves them. Lisa from K-pop girl group BLACKPINK brought her samba to Bermuda and tried a completely different style. While sambas and gazelles never go out of style, they often trade places as the hottest shoe of the moment, and gazelles seem ready for a moment in the spotlight once again, especially when worn by Gigi Hadid, think Spring Shoe Hunt ! Gigi Hadid is effortlessly cool in an oversized coat and baseball hat as she shops at Whole Foods in NYC.

After enjoying a date with Bradley Cooper?

Gigi Hadid looked like a stylish actress as she shopped at Whole Foods in New York on Sunday. The 28-year-old Vogue cover girl was seen carrying her luggage. As, she left the store, looking effortlessly stylish in a baseball cap and big coat. The catwalk star – who enjoyed a romantic outing with boyfriend Bradley Cooper, 49, on Broadway last night – completed her look with black leather gloves and black leggings.

She added a pop of color to the outfit with red sandals underneath her and a red and white top. She had her eyes covered by dark glasses and took the black scissors.


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