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Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree trailer reaction – everything we learned

Elden Ring Shadow

After declaring last night that today would be the day we finally learned more, Bandai Namco has just released the first video for Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree, which features three minutes of gameplay footage. The game may be released this week, despite rumors to the contrary. What we received was a sneak peek at some of the new features we can anticipate upon our ultimate return to the Lands Between. But more importantly, when will we be able to play Shadow of the Erdtree?

What did we learn, and are we happy or disappointed?

Elden Ring Shadow, the 2022 Game of the Year, is an action role-playing game that was developed by From Software and distributed by Bandai Namco. It broke records in terms of sales and gameplay. We’ll go over how to pre-order the DLC now that From Software has released an amazing trailer and a release date. We know the following. Pre-Order Guide for Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree: Editions, Prices, and More Elden Ring Shadow is regarded as one of the greatest games of 2022 and has received a lot of praise. Its multiple Video of the Year awards speak to its outstanding achievement.

The debut trailer for Shadow of the Erdtree from From Software officially confirms the game’s June 21, 2024 release date. The publisher has also unveiled a special trailer introducing the additional content. On the other hand, if you’re looking to pre-order Shadow of the Erdtree, here are some specifics about the editions and price. You can pre-order Ring Shadow of the Erdtree here. It will retail for $39.99 and come in three editions.

Standard Edition
  • Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree expansion; Hoops of Miquella Bonus Gesture
  • $39.99
Shadow of the Erdtree Premium Edition
  • Bonus Gesture for the Hoops of Miquella
  • Shadow of the Erdtree expansion in the Ring
  • USD 49.99 for the digital artbook and original soundtrack of “Blackness of the Erdtree” by ELDEN Ring
Blackness of the Erdtree Collector’s
  • Edition Bonus Gesture for the Hoops of Miquella
  • Voucher code for  Blackness of the Erdtree expansion (BASE GAME NOT INCLUDED)
  • Messmer the Impaler Figure (46 cm) with digital original soundtrack and a 40-page physical art book
  • $249.99

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