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Duke Burns NC State, 79-64


Similar to last year, Duke’s journey to Raleigh got off to a fast start as NC State jumped off to a 9-0 lead. Kyle Filpowski played barely four minutes in the first half and was flagged for two early fouls. However, the analogy ended somewhat abruptly as Duke scored an 11-0 run to grab the lead. For the majority of the first half, DJ Burns was unstoppable, but in the end, he received little assistance. DJ Horne and Mo Diarra both had good games, shooting 4–8, but nobody else did well. It was looking tricky with Burns on fire and Filipowski in foul trouble. However, things did not turn bad. Not at all.

With 48 points from Tyrese Proctor, Jared McCain, and Jeremy Roach combined for an excellent shooting performance, Duke led the game for the majority of it before taking over in the final ten minutes. They were all three excellent. With a final score of 21, Roach consistently exploited State’s defense. Proctor ended the game with 11 points, and McCain concluded with 16 points following a subpar first half.

Duke committed just five turnovers in the end.

Sean Stewart, TJ Power, and Ryan Young were excellent backup big men for Jon Scheyer, but Filipowski was hampered early by fouls and ended with just nine points, in particular, Stewart. Stewart is the most gifted player on this team, as we have stated throughout the entire season.

Nobody other possesses the abilities he does.

It merely took him a little longer to become used to this level and to stop making dumb blunders. It seems he has done so now. Stewart was not simply a playmaker; he was a tremendously intelligent playmaker. Such are incredibly, really clever plays. He was an athlete, a basketball player, in November. He is planning to start playing basketball early March. It is hard to exaggerate how significant that is or how significantly it alters Duke’s situation. Power has also experienced it; in the last few games, he has transformed into an entirely different player. He had shooting ability from the start, but he has since elevated the other aspects of his game. It’s the appearance of a man who has gained the respect and self-assurance of his coaches.

He simply appears more at ease.

It appears as though he is standing more erect. Ryan’s numbers are nearly always going to be low, but he has made an incredible effort to stop a fast break in the last two games. He wasn’t even starting when he was named a captain after just one year for a reason. Duke scored 19 points on the offensive glass in a fantastic performance. Both Young and Stewart had four, as did Mark Mitchell. When Duke simply outplayed the Pack in the final ten minutes, the game truly changed. The Blue Devils played excellent defense, applied intense pressure, and took advantage of opportunities; in the end, State was left without an answer.

There are many positive aspects of this game, not the least of which is Stewart’s significant development. The finest part, though, was when Duke refused to back down when State attempted to hit him in the mouth at the beginning of the match. This group is maturing and developing quickly. Scheyer’s club has an 8-1 record since the Chapel Hill debut of UNC, and the Tar Heels will visit Cameron on Saturday. Roach and Young, who have forged a bond with Duke supporters unlike that of most transfers, will be leaving on this final day. There will be a minimum of a one-third chance to win.




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