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Dolly Parton’s Pet Gala Airs on WVLT?

Dolly Parton

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (WVLT) – The Dolly Parton Pet Gala aired Wednesday night on WVLT, and WVLT was on the pink carpet to chat with Dolly about the event. “All of us own lovely dogs; some are taught to a certain degree, while others are not, but they still follow the commands!” “We’re not just talking about grooming, we’re talking about military dogs, service dogs and all kinds of things that dogs do to make our lives better,” Parton said. Lanny Wilson, Chris Jansen and Jane Lynch are also special guests.

Parton invited New Country Girls, including Knoxville’s own Emily Ann Roberts. “It’s fun sitting in Dolly’s room,” Roberts said. “The funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life is all of these dogs dressing up as Dolly.” He said he knows how important it is to have people around you when you start a party. “I’m happy that I have feelings for those women, but as someone who has been in the industry for a while, I know that when you’re beginning, you always want to be around people who know what they are. Say, I’m not always smart, but I know a lot.”

Dolly did a few gigs with Carly Pearce, who got her start in Dollywood. “Everyone I worked with in Pigeon Forge was aware of my dream since the beginning. So it’s a shame to have a full-circle performance with Dolly,” Pierce said.

Dolly Parton turns into a puppy! Was your “Pet Gala” great?

The two-hour show will feature a variety of dog acts, including puppet shows, and will be accompanied by popular singers Lainey Wilson and Carly Pearce. It’s a universal truth: everyone loves Dolly Parton. And everyone loves cats. Is there more than their love? By the way, there is a dog dressed as Dolly Parton. Don’t take our word for it. Experience the love of Dolly Parton’s pet constellation in Wednesday night’s two-hour special.

The latest Dolly-inspired fashion show will not happen after the air, and it is worth waiting, at least in this climactic season to o perfect musical entertainment and lack of cat costumes. Parton disclosed earlier this month on the pink carpet prior to the show’s Nashville studio launch that the concept for the August 2022 aired in from the original Dougie Parton pet costume.



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