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Daylight savings: When Arkansans Tried To Stop Changing The Clocks?

Daylight savings

Arkansans will soon be losing sleep as the clocks tick down on March 10, the start of Daylight Savings Time. The brightness of the sun after sunset remains the same as after sunrise. Arkansas is one of 48 states whose clocks change twice a year, while Arizona and Hawaii keep their clocks year-round. Arkansas lawmakers tried to put the Nature State on the shortlist, but the effort failed.

Here are a few of the recent attempts:
Presented by state representatives. Sarah Kapp (R-Ozark) introduced House Bill 1368 in July 2019, which would eliminate year-round daylight savings time and daylight savings time in Arkansas. However, the cap was returned 23 days after placing the order.

Representative. Johnny Ray (R-Truman) introduced House Bill 1017 in 2020, which differs significantly from the cap. There will be natural light throughout the year and normal weather will disappear. The bill passed the House 71-24 in February 2021, but passed out of a Senate committee in October of that year.

A fourth attempt was made in 2023. Representative. Stephen Meeks (R-Greenbrier) introduced House Bill 1568 to end daylight savings time and maintain daylight savings time year-round. The bill was passed three weeks later. Another Rap initiative in 2023. R. Scott Richardson (R-Bentonville) and sponsored House Bill 1104 to include. Wayne Long (R-Bradford).

Is Standard Time Better Than Daylight Savings, Or Vice-Versa?


Well, it depends on who you ask.

“The healthy option is to use the previous year’s clock, and the same goes for daytime meetings if there’s more light at night,” said Vanderbilt University Center director Dr. Sleep Beth Malo told WKRN Nextstar in 2022 that it disrupts our sleep and we need enough sleep to survive.

But in 2022, according to a CBS News poll, the results aren’t surprising: More people prefer daylight savings time than standard time. 46% wanted natural light all year round and 33% wanted the opposite. 21% prefer to continue using the same watch and change their watch twice a year.

Those who voted that day reported feeling better, more accomplished, and in control the next day. Those who choose the opposite say it suits their lifestyle, that people sleep earlier in the day and are more productive.


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