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Claims of Targeting Lil Rod’s Daughter and Ex-Spouses Surface in Recent Court Filings?

Lil Rod

According to court documents obtained by XXL on Sunday (March 24), Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones previously abused Rod’s 8-year-old daughter, the child’s mother, and himself, but Diddy was also accused of the same. In documents released by his lawyer last Saturday (March 23), Jones said the Bad Boy Entertainment founder is accusing his client of abusing his daughter and his family. Jones also claimed that Didd was spreading rumors about her on TMZ.

Diddy claimed the crime caused fear and harm to Jones’ family and loved ones, who called the police. Jones also accused Diddy of contacting a fellow producer to rip off his lawyer and hire someone connected to the hip-hop mogul. Diddy’s crew has been contacted by XXL for a response.

Diddy Accused of ‘Dispatching His Agents’ to Harass Lil Rod’s Daughter Following Lawsuit?

Lil Rod’s lawyer accused Diddy of being “moral” after his client’s court appearance. Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones Jr. was worth $30 million in February. The Bad Boy Records songwriter is the latest person to be accused of rape and torture in the Cassie trial, which was quickly concluded last year. Rod’s allegations against Diddy include fraud, but his representatives have denied the allegations.

In a statement released after news of the lawsuit broke last month, Didi’s lawyer said the allegations against her friend Holly were “outrageous” and that Rod was lying.

“Lil Rod just lies and made a shameful $30 million false claim,” Holly said. An outstanding effort at “Children Say Things That Never Happened.”We think his statements are wholly untrue. We have an obligation to share this evidence with Mr. Attorney; Jones, Tyrone Blackburn, Mr. Blackburn retracts. These allegations will be prosecuted and action will be taken.” all deeds to those who have done them.” Last week, AllHipHop New York reported that a judge recently spoke with Rod’s attorney, Tyrone A. Justin. Blackburn accused Diddy of creating chaos and spreading rumours. According to Blackburn’s statement, Diddy was “acting angry” after receiving the lawsuit “through his eyes.”


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