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Celebrating International Women’s Day

International Women's Day

On March 8, the Queen’s University community has the chance to honor the accomplishments of women both on campus and beyond on International Women’s Day. It’s also a moment to take stock of the work that still needs to be done and to contemplate the advancements made in Canada and around the world toward achieving equity for women. The university and organizations on campus are hosting talks about women and equity at Queen’s and beyond to commemorate this significant day. Among the highlights are:

2024’s International Women’s Day networking and informational event

The Biosciences Complex atrium will host a celebration of International Women’s Day from 12 to 1:30 p.m. for all Queen’s community members. In addition to learning about the numerous women-focused clubs on campus, attendees will hear brief talks. The Queen’s Women’s Network, Women in Science at Queen’s, the Chair for Women in Engineering, and their affiliates are hosting this celebration. In addition to donations for the Kingston Interval House, food and refreshments will be offered.

Visit Eventbrite to learn more.

Redefining Achievement: Balance, Work, and Women. For an inspiring hour of discussion about how women can overcome obstacles in their careers, break down boundaries, and help one another to succeed in the workplace, join Smith Business Insight online at 1 p.m. The panel includes Tanya van Biesen, a thought leader and change architect. Executive coach and brand strategist Jill Nykoliation, and businesswoman and corporate achiever Lulu Liang.

This conversation will cover:

  1. How to define success in your own eyes, at work and elsewhere
  2. Ways to cultivate a collaborative and supportive work culture
  3. How to get beyond typical obstacles that stand in the way of real work fulfillment
  4. How to reach your full potential and remove obstacles that you’ve put in your own way
  5. How to acknowledge the value of equilibrium in your personal and professional lives
  6. How-to supporting International Women’s Day as they pursue success in the real world
  7. Register for the event and find out more on Smith Business Insight.
Conference on Feminist Legal Studies, Queen’s, 2024

The Queen’s Faculty of Law and Feminist Legal Studies will conduct this yearly International Women’s Day symposium on March 8–9. Gender, “Progress,” and Development: Equality, Sustainability, and Aspects of Care is this year’s conference theme. The Henry R. Silverman Professor of Law and Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania’s Carey Law School, Anita L. Allen, will give a keynote address on “Legal Embodiments of Unconditional Love – On Loving the Unborn.”

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