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Burnet prepares for cosmic convergence at Texas Eclipse Festival?

Solar Eclipse

Texas Solar Eclipse Festival April 5-9, 2024. Music, art, science and technology will come together to celebrate the total solar eclipse at Revill Peak Ranch, located northwest of the Hill County town of Burnett.
Key artists include Tyco, Wolfpack, Zed’s Dead, and Clozey. Festival organizers say attendees will also have the opportunity to hear directly from astronauts representing Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, Dear Moon and NASA.

The festival is held at Rebel Peak Ranch, located on 1,300 acres near Lake Buchanan. Tickets, camping and glamping packages are now available on the event website (
Ticket prices range from $249 to $669 + tax. The show is produced by Disco Presents, but maybe not.

 A Guide To The Texas Eclipse Festival — Must-See Panels, Workshops, And Immersive Experiences?

PSA: We’re just a week away from one of the most anticipated events of the year: the Texas Solar Eclipse Festival.

Produced by renowned promoter Disco Presents and veteran event producer Maybe Nothing, the festival will run from April 5 to 9. Solar 1’s social and audio events, spanning music, art, space and technology, will attract 40,000 attendees. Everything is mixed together. Over five days, we will host more than 400 visionary pioneers, distinguished astronauts and engineers, science and technology thought leaders, innovators and visionaries, artists, music producers and performers from around the world. Sound producers gather at Revill Peak Ranch to watching the eclipse. Barnett, Texas.

Basically, it’s Burning Man and Art Basel and SXSW and TED Talks. Sounds pretty good, right? If you want to go to a top festival venue, this is where you’ll find Texas Solar Eclipse events and activations.

Social media users raise red flags over Texas Eclipse Festival, but some festivalgoers paint a different picture?

Many people who work in social media say some artists were kicked out of the festival. There, was no place to camp, and there were no phone calls. BURNETT, Texas – The Texas Solar Eclipse Festival in Burnet attracts thousands of people from around the world to witness a total solar eclipse and enjoy various activities leading up to this unusual event.

However, some say the festival was not a success the first time around. The four-day event, based at Revill Peak Ranch, kicked off April 5. The people quickly took to social media to call it a “disaster.” The employee wrote that the musicians had left the truck. There was not enough space in the park, and there were no phone calls there. On Saturday, KVUE visited the site and asked if this was indeed the case.

Celebrities say they don’t have much trouble getting in, but one focus is why they came. Nathan, who did not want to be named, visited the festival from Dallas. Said, most of the public complaints he saw occurred online. “Of course there are some people who miss large crowds. We can inquire about the location of the motorbike riders, their educational backgrounds, and other details.

Ashley Moore, who was visiting from Missouri, witnessed the commotion and said she waited a long time to board the plane. But, when she arrived at her designated camp, there were no problems.“Logistics is like driving a car and gathering people and organizing. As time goes by, it’s scary, but I haven’t heard anything else about it,” Moore said.



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