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Breaking Stereotypes: 60-Year-Old Lawyer Qualifies for Miss Argentina Contest?

Miss Argentina

Alexandra Marissa Rodriguez, a 60-year-old lawyer and journalist, was chosen to represent the province of Buenos Aires in the Miss Argentina Miss Argentina competition. The winner beat more than 34 other candidates to qualify for the May 25 competition with candidates from other regions aged between 18 and 40. The Luxembourger from Buenos Aires is 73 years old.

Rodriguez was able to compete in this year’s tournament after a rule change late last year removed the age limit. Since 1958, participants must be between 18 and 28 years old. Now you just have to be of age. Alexandra Rodriguez studied journalism at the Escuela Superior de Periodismo of the National University of Plata (UNLP) before attending school full-time and then graduating to become a lawyer. I’m not in a relationship or married.

Miss Universe Buenos Aires said she usually walks, exercises and eats healthy. “I am very happy and honored to win the title of Miss Buenos Aires 2024. I want to show all women that beauty is permanent and that we can break down barriers,” she said. In the TV interview she also pointed out that I am training physically, working on my confidence and improving my skills on stage and I want to show that there are no limits to empowering women.

The judges must have noticed my self-assurance and enthusiasm for standing up for the women in my generation. I am determined to fight for the Miss Universe Argentina 2024 crown,” she emphasized. “Beauty has no shelf life, you just have to believe in yourself and be authentic to be beautiful,” she said.

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Alexandra Marisa Rodriguez, 60, recently crowned Argentina Buenos Aires has the potential to redefine beauty standards. Rodriguez will now represent Buenos Aires at the Miss Universe Argentina national pageant scheduled for May 2024. If she wins, she will proudly represent Argentina at the Miss Universe World pageant in September 2024 in Mexico.

Thanks to her historic win, Rodriguez is now the first woman her age to win the prestigious beauty pageant. Another model, Heidi Cruz, 47, made headlines around the world when she was chosen to represent the Dominican Republic in the Miss Argentina 2024 pageant.

Last year, the Miss Universe organization issued a topper for the pageant. The limit was 28 years ago. Last year also saw the first beauty pageant for candidates who were married or had children. As a result, Miss Universe Nepal was crowned as the first plus size champion, and Michelle Cohn of Guatemala became the first mother to qualify for the competition.

The movement not only encourages women to embrace their individuality, but also sends a strong message that beauty has no boundaries.

Can the ageless lawyer become the oldest Miss Universe contestant at 60?

She is an ageless beauty. A 60-year-old lawyer from Argentina has drawn attention as she gets closer to creating history by entering the Miss Universe pageant as the oldest competitor. Alexandra Rodriguez on Wednesday claimed her right to represent the province in the national pageant in May as Miss Universe Buenos Aires, as Holla!

Rodriguez admits she was out of the global beauty pageant for a long time. But things changed when the rules changed. When it started in 1952, Miss Universe contestants had to be between the ages of 18 and 28 and not have children. But last year, the pageant allowed women between the ages of 18 and 73 to compete regardless of other factors.

They announced the increased age requirement last September, and it will take effect from the 2024 season. Gabrielle is currently the oldest contestant to win the title of Miss Universe and winning. The pageant in 2022 at the age of 28. The newly crowned Miss Buenos Aires revealed to Argentine television station El Tres that she attended high school with the goal of becoming a journalist. Before, studying law and becoming a legal consultant at a hospital.



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