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Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema will not seek reelection?

Kyrsten Sinema

Arizona’s first female state representative, Kyrsten Sinema, said Monday that she will not seek re-election in 2024 in the state’s most competitive Senate race. Sinema Kyrsten, now 47, will become the first Democrat to represent the state in more than 20 years when he runs for Senate in 2019. In December 2022, he decided to leave the Democratic Party and became a political independent. She is the second LGBTQ+ woman elected to Congress.

In a video message, Cinema said it was “all or nothing” in American politics when he announced he would not seek re-election, calling it a political victory for bipartisan voters who helped pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill. to negotiate They were angry with him for not caring.” Americans still choose to retreat to the fringes of their party,” Sinema said. Experts consider these solutions unsuccessful because they involve either excessive or insufficient measures. All or nothing, the result is less important than killing the opponent.


Kyrsten Sinema Announces She Is Retiring From The Senate?

In 2022, in a statement and video message, the senator left the Democratic Party as an independent. “By listening, understanding and agreeing, we have achieved remarkable results that have made America safer, stronger and more prosperous,” said Senator Sinema Zinda. “But despite efforts to improve our infrastructure to provide clean water, decent jobs and safe communities, Americans still choose to retreat to the fringes of their party.”

Cinema also said that Red will leave the US Senate “by the end of this year,” but did not say when. “It has been an honor to serve Arizona for the past 20 years,” said Senator Sinema Zinda. Cinema’s announcement came after Senate Republicans blocked bipartisan bills to secure the US-Mexico border and provide military aid to Ukraine and Israel. He hopes it will be a major breakthrough in solving one of Washington’s thorniest issues, and reinforces his increasingly isolated view that cross-party talks are still possible.


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