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Anne Hathaway Falls for a Pop Star in ‘The Idea of You’ Trailer

The Idea of You

Nicholas Galitzine, a 24-year-old lead singer of the fictional band August Moon, plays Hathaway’s love interest in the movie. In the teaser for The Idea of You on Prime Video, which was released on Wednesday, Anne Hathaway plays the lead role in the surprising love story at its center. The film, which is based on Robinne Lee’s 2017 novel of the same name, centers on a 40-year-old single mother (played by Hathaway) who develops feelings for Nicholas Galitzine’s character, a 24-year-old international music phenomenon.

In the teaser, Hathaway’s character Solène brings her daughter, 16, to Coachella when her new spouse decides not to chaperone the trip. She meets August Moon’s lead singer, Hayes Campbell (Galitzine), at the festival and they start an unexpected romance. August Moon is the hottest boy band on the planet. Solène has to learn how to balance her work and her daughter with her unconventional affair with Campbell, all the while avoiding the 24-hour news cycle. In the teaser, Hayes is asked by Solène, “What about what people will say.”

He tells her, “I don’t care what they’ll say.”

The first single from the movie, “Dance Before We Walk,” is also featured in the trailer. It is accompanied by a montage of the couples’ international romance, complete with secluded getaways, private jets, and enormous concerts. On Wednesday, the song was made available on streaming services as well.

Michael Showalter directs The Idea of You, which he co-wrote with Jennifer Westfeldt. On March 16, it will wrap up the 2024 Southwest Film & TV Festival. The festival, which also included the Ryan Gosling action comedy The Fall Guy and the Netflix series 3 Body Problem, will open with Road House.

In addition to Hathaway and Galitzine in the starring parts, Ella Rubin, Reid Scott. And Annie Mumolo will also feature in The Idea of You. Irish late-night personality Graham Norton will also make an appearance in the movie as himself, according to IMDB. Hathaway is one of the title’s principal producers as well.

May 2 is when The Idea of You will be available for streaming on Prime Video.

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