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A Deep Dive into Don Winslow’s Masterful Trilogy Conclusion, ‘City of Ruins’?

Don Winslow

When author Don Winslow first read Aeschylus years ago, he realized that the Greek tragic father of literature explored all the major themes of modern crime fiction, from murder, revenge and corruption to authority, from justice to redemption. Recently, he said he became interested in the idea of telling the story of the past in three contemporary books.

A book published in the last 30 years, containing the most mysterious stories of all time, he worked on this great work with anger and uniqueness, sometimes angry, but never giving up.

“City of Ruins” concludes Las Vegas businessman Danny Ryan’s tale of Rhode Island gangsters. If Winslow is to be believed, this is the last book in which he turns his various talents to politics.

The trilogy begins with Burning City (2021), when Ryan and some of his friends lose a gang war with the Italian mafia and flee to Providence, Rhode Island. This continued in City of Dreams (2023), where Ryan tries and fails to build a new life in Los Angeles.

At the start of Ruined City, we meet old man Ryan, who works as a secret liaison at two Las Vegas casinos. This long and powerful underworld of Providence is now beyond her wildest dreams, but she still wants more.

Crime Minister Don Winslow. “Are We Going To Legalize All Drugs In All Jurisdictions?”

He is one of the best writers on how to fight crime in America and why he fired a letter at Trump. Don Winslow tells me how he first became a writer. Meanwhile, the activist who wants to keep Donald Trump out of the White House says his new book City of Thrones is finished.

Winslow has already disparaged Trump in his 2019 book “The Frontier,” but as he told Zoom from his old ranch near San Diego: He can do it through poetry. If another story is written after production, the competition will end. With us, American democracy. But I don’t want to write a story.

Winslow, 70, is a perfect combination of tough, smart and smart, aggressive. As he undoubtedly did in his first job as a private investigator. But whatever role he played in defeating Trump, his legacy is one of the most famous voices in American crime fiction, James Ellroy Winslow’s cartel calling of “the drug war and ‘keep calm.’

Why Is Don Winslow’s Running City His Last Book?

End of the road for Dan and Dawn.

Don Winslow’s new novel, The City of Ruin, will be the final installment in the Danny Ryan series. After 25 books, seven New York Times bestsellers, Don Winslow decided to quit.

In April 2022, Winslow announced that after the Danny Ryan trilogy, he would focus on popular crime stories in politics, which have won fans around the world. “I think it’s better to spend my time and energy on this fight now.

Winslow was in a thoughtful mood when we dined with him at Quicho, a Mexican restaurant in Julian, where he has lived for 26 years, a small mountain town east of San Diego.

“I never dreamed I’d have a job as big and good as I have,” Winslow said. “But I don’t remember.”



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